The Rough Guide to the A-Z of Travel

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The Rough Guide to the A-Z of Travel —  the latest picture-packed addition to Rough Guides’ Inspiration range — showcases exceptional global destinations for every budget in an inspirational, recommendation-rich coffee-table book.

From vibrant cities, to nature hotspots, The Rough Guide to the A-Z of Travel highlights dozens of outstanding global destinations that offer unforgettable travel experiences for all kinds of budgets. As such, it’s the ideal gift for every kind of traveller, from intrepid backpackers looking to travel on a shoestring, to big-spenders who are in the market for once-in-a-lifetime luxury experiences.

At once inspirational and practical, The Rough Guide to the A-Z of Travel features three destinations per letter, each of them categorised by budget —  shoestring, mid-budget, and luxury travel.

Every entry boasts a pithy overview of why you should visit the destination, with a round-up of the best places to visit, stay and eat, according to the particular budget. 

Budget travellers will come away armed with top tips about the best hostels to bed down in, and the best free things to do and see in each destination. Mid-budget travellers will discover recommended affordable hotels, and how to secure discounts for top attractions. Meanwhile, those for whom money is no object will find recommendations for luxurious hotels and world-class, fine dining restaurants.

With every destination and recommendation selected by expert Rough Guides’ authors and editors, this brand-new, hardback book arms travellers with top tips and visual inspiration that’ll enthuse them to get out there and explore the world with fresh eyes, whatever their budget.

Features of The Rough Guide to the A-Z of Travel

-  Stylish picture-packed coffee-table book with practical travel tips for every budget

- Ideal gift for every kind of traveller, from backpackers on a budget, to big-spenders 

- Suffused in Rough Guides' "tell it like it is" ethos, and curated by Rough Guides' team of expert authors and editors

Book Details

ISBN: 9781839052729
Series: Inspirational Rough Guides
Publication Date: 10/17/2023
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 210 x 275mm


This title is a part of Inspirational Rough Guides


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